I brew beer. I am also a member (and former president) of the local homebrew club, theĀ Music City Brewers. I’ve been doing this since about 2005, starting out with extract on the stove-top, then moving to all-grain, and eventually getting into kegging. It’s a lot of tasty fun.

Here is a little tour of my brewery. It’s a 5 gallon batch sparge system. It all starts with the grain, which I grind with my corona mill.


Here is the result of the crush.


And the brewery proper. It’s a great excuse to sit outside and enjoy the backyard.


Having a brewing assistant is very helpful. She makes sure no squirrels get anywhere near my beer. She also loves eating the spent grain from the mash.


This is where I heat the water for my mash. This would be my hot liqour tank. Actually it’s my previous boil kettle before I got my new one.


This is my mash tun.


And this is the mash inside it. The grain sits here for about an hour in the heated water converting the starches in the grain to sugars.


The sweet wort is drained out of the mash tun through this filter…


…and into the boil kettle.


This is a rolling boil in my 7.5 gallon stainless steel kettle. Hops are added here.


After the boil, cooling, and whirlpooling, the pre-beer is transferred to the 7 gallon conical fermenter. Yeast is added, and then we wait.


Finished beer is then kegged and served from the beer fridge. The temperature is controlled by a Johnson controller. It’s much more accurate than the built in thermostat in the freezer.


And inside is the finished product. I try to have 4 taps going concurrently.


(I’ll have to get a picture of a pint here!)