New site

Welcome to my newly updated site. I went ahead and got my own domain name instead of branching off of The subjects here will still be the same: brewing, making music, etc. To that end, here’s a quick update. I brewed an APA a couple weeks ago, made with the cascade hops from Denny Conn I won at the Music City Brew Off last year. Dry-hopped also. I’ll be kegging that for this weekend. (I havent had anything hoppy on tap in too long!). I’ll also be brewing a dry stout this weekend, and re-using the yeast from the APA. And music-wise, I’ve finished 2 mixes for my upcoming solo release. I think I’ve decided on a band name also, but that’s secret for now. I decided to go with a band name instead of just me, I guess because its too much fun coming up with band names.