Its been a crazy past few months. I changed jobs in August. I’m back at Healthstream, where I used to work a few years ago. Its much more development focused than my last job, and I’m learning something new every day. I’m very excited to be diving deep into web app development, and seeing old and new faces alike. Its also a great time to join Healthstream, as they (we!) are really taking off now and are very stable. Its taking a little getting used to commuting again, but I don’t really mind. Another interesting observation is what 3+ years of working from home does to one’s wardrobe! I’ve got some shopping to do.

In July, we took on a stray cat, Davy. Davy is short for Davros, an evil character from Dr. Who. Little did we know that Davy, like her BBC counterpart, also had a secret agenda for complete domination (fortunately for Earth, that agenda would just be dominating our house). In August, Davy popped out 6 tiny kittens. Sadly, over the course of the next month or so, 3 passed away, but we now have 3 very hyper kittens practicing their parkour-combat moves throughout the house.

Also in August, Greeter became very sick one day. A very long story short – she had the dog equivalent of appendicitis. It was very bad, but after a couple surgeries at Blue Pearl veterinary hospital (highly recommended!), she is amazingly back to normal. We were very worried for a while, and there were times that the outcome did not look good. But she is a very willful dog and was not ready to leave us just yet, and we are thankful for that.

All this has not left much time for music, alas. I do plan on getting back to it and finishing some recordings, along with a release of some sort. Hopefully the new year will provide some opportunities to do so.