Cicada Invasion

The cicada invasion of 2011 is winding down. I’d say they’re under 100 dB now. Not the case last week. Wow – they can be insanely loud at their peak. I recorded some stereo wave files for safe keeping, and took plenty of pictures. Greeter ate quite a few.

In brewing news, I was elected as President of the Music City Brewers Nashville homebrew club for 2011. I’ve won a handful of medals at various competitions so far this year for my beers – including passing the 1st Round of the National Homebrew Competition for my Irish Red. I’m finally feeling like I can consistently make quite good beer. Of course there will always be room for improvement.

Music-wise, the new recordings always seem to come last on the list sadly. I have continued to make progress, but in tiny spurts here and there. I have started playing guitar and bass more often now – just to try and be a better player. There are a couple new tunes in the works too. But I need to get the current project done before I flesh those out.

The hot¬†Nashville¬†summer rolls on. I planted 4 varieties of hops this year and they are doing great. Some of them are 10 feet tall. I’m really enjoying tending to these and watching them grow day by day.

Thats about it for now.